cnc 500w د نقاشۍ ملټي فلټ شیټ او پایپ فلزي فایبر لیزر کښین ماشین

د CNC 500W فایبر کټر انګرور ملټي فینشن شیټ او پایپ فلزي فایبر لیزر کټینګ ماشین


Fitness,oil pipelines,machinery,transportation,household appliance,laser processing.


Carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,spring steel,copper,aluminium,titanium tube,sheet metal.


Processing Size Length*Width


X Axis Running Distance


Y Axis Running Distance


Z AXIS Running Distance



300mm / s



Positioning  Accuracy

0.02 ملي میتر

د ماشین وزن



1.300W,500W,1000W,1500W,2000W fiber laser generator(customized)

2.Taiwan linear guide rail(HIWIN)

3. working table(6000*200mm)


5.Air compressor

6.industry chiller

7.servo motor

8.CNC control system

9.CX Cutting System


1.Multifunction for different proximate matter.

2.Fiber laser with high efficiency.

3.Easy to operate.

4.Maintenance is convenient.


1.Our wooden case is fumigated, which is inspect-free,saving shipping time.

2.All the spare parts of the machine were covered by soft materials,mainly using pearl wool to avoid damages that could happen in the delivery process.Then we'll cover them tightly by plastic wrapper, which is also waterproof.

3.The outmost د ثابت formwork سره د لرګیو قضیه ده.

4.The bottom of the wooden case has firm irony stand, which is convenient to handle and transport.

زموږ خدمات

After-sales is always at the top priorities in ACCURL's history. We provide 7x24 hours online technical supports and remote guiding and engineers oversea service. Our skilled personal who are with years experience in machinery, electionics, software, and optics ensure a professional and timely service and customers satisfaction.

د پلور دمخه خدمت:

ACCURL Laser will offer intentional customers free production process scheme,including technical consultation,sample cutting,equipment selection,develop and customize or adjust accordingly to the special needs of customers.

د پلور خدمت وروسته:

1.two years warranty for the whole machine except for laser tube and lens.

2. 24 hours technical support by e-mail.

3.Calling or door-to door service. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

4. Use friendly English software, user manual and detailed videos / CD.

Technical training

We will send our engineer to our customer’s company for installation and technical training .all the terms should be discussed.

ACCURL laser offers free technical training ,after installation and adjustment on user’s site,training one /two operator and maintenance personnel includes the laser principle,construction equipment,process description,equipment maintenance ,laser safety,operating procedures and simple troubleshooting.

Our advantage√√√

Why do most customers choose to cooperate with ACCURL?

1: ACCURL have quality products and absolutely reasonable prices.

2: ACCURL have professional technical talents and excellent sales team

3: ACCURL can provide differentiated product services,customers do not have to worry about product simplification.

4: ACCURL can offer perfect after-sales service.

پرله پسې پوښتنې

Q1: زه د دې ماشین په اړه هیڅ نه پوهیږم ، زه باید کوم ډول ماشین غوره کړم؟

د انتخاب کولو لپاره خورا اسانه. یوازې موږ ته ووایاست چې تاسو د CNC لیزر ماشین په کارولو سره څه کول غواړئ ، بیا راځئ چې تاسو ته مناسب حلونه او وړاندیزونه درکړو.

Q2: کله چې ما دا ماشین ترلاسه کړ ، مګر زه نه پوهیږم چې څنګه یې وکاروم. زه باید څه وکړم؟

موږ به د ماشین سره ویډیو او انګلیسي لارښود ولیږو. که تاسو لاهم یو څه شکونه لرئ ، موږ کولی شو د تلیفون یا سکایپ او بریښنالیک له لارې خبرې وکړو.

Q3: که چیرې د تضمین دورې په جریان کې دې ماشین ته ځینې ستونزې رامینځته شي ، نو زه باید څه وکړم؟

موږ به د ماشین تضمین موده کې وړیا برخې چمتو کړو که ماشین ځینې ستونزې ولري. پداسې حال کې چې موږ د پلور وروسته خدمت اوږد ژوند چمتو کوو. نو کوم شک ، یوازې موږ ته خبر راکړئ ، موږ به تاسو ته حلونه درکړو.

ژر توضیحات

کاریال: د لیزر پرې کول
حالت: نوی
د لیزر ډول: فایبر لیزر
د پلي کیدو وړ توکي: فلزي
د قلمو ضبط کول: 0-8 ملي میتر
Cutting Area: 6000*200mm
Cutting Speed: 300mm/s
CNC or Not:Yes
د یخولو حالت: د اوبو سوړونکی
د کنټرول سافټویر: سیپکټ
Graphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, DST, DWG
Certification: CCC, CE, ISO, UL
د پلور وروسته خدمت چمتو شوی: انجینران په بهر کې د خدماتو ماشین ته شتون لري
X Axis running distance: 2300mm
Y Axis running distance:6750mm
Z Axis running distance: 160mm
Max, cutting speed: 300mm/s
Position Accuracy: 0.02mm
Machine Weight:3800KG
Dimensions: 4500*6500*1500mm
Keyword: sheet and pipe cutting machine
دنده: د فلزي موادو قطع کول
Color: Request