300w 500w 800w 1000w 1500w د اوسپنې لیزر پرې کولو ماشین

300W 500W 800W 1000W 1500W iron laser cutting machine

تخنیکي پیرامیټرې

ليزر ځواک 500W (Option 300W,800W,1000W,1500W)
 د ليزر څپې 1070nm
 کاري ساحه 3000mm * 1500 ملي میتر

(Option 4000mm*2000mm,6000mm*2000mm)

 Max Cutting thickness

 5mm (Carbon steel)
 د موقعیت درستیت ±0.03mm/1000mm
 Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/1000mm
 Min. Line width ≤0.12mm(depend on material)
 Max speed 60m / دقیقې
 Max accelerated speed 0.8G
 د کنټرول سیسټم Cypcut/Weihong
 د موټر چلولو لاره ریک او پینشن
 یخ کول Constant water cooling
 Electricity AC380V/50HZ/100A
 Power consumption ≤6.0KW
 د ماشین وزن 1500KGS
 د ماشین اندازه


Machine Features and Application

The plate iron د لیزر پرې کولو ماشین is a cost effective equipment,which composed by the fiber laser system, chiller, laser cutting head, cutting bed, control system, gas blowing system,exhausting system as the laser, motion, electricity integrated product.

1. Adopt with high-efficiency fiber laser system,which has high conversion efficiency of optoelectronic,stable performance. The life of key parts can reach up to 100000 hours.

2. The fiber laser system has the better laser beam quality,lower maintenance cost and fewer troubleshooting, it is easy to operate as the laser sent by fiber cable and no need to adjust the laser path.

3. Compared with other media of laser equipment,it has the characters of smaller focus

facula, higher cutting efficiency and good-quality processing.

4. The machine body adopts the gantry structure, with double drive system of

high precision rack and pinion, it is more stable for high-speed cutting and long time use.

5. Adopting the professional numerical control system FSCUT2000, which support

various file formats to input,easy to operate.

6. Adopting special cutting head of fiber, ensure to get the perfect cutting effect.

It can be widely applied in the infrastructure industry of aviation, metallurgy, vessel, sheet

metal equipment, as well as other manufacturing industry, such as machinery, electrical equipment, elevator, appliance, medical devices, hardware, decoration, advertisement, metal cutting service, etc.

It can be used for cutting the different kinds of metal plates with high-speed,like

carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,silicon steel,galvanized steel sheet and so on.

زموږ خدمات

Pre-sale service: The sales person will be responsible for the sales questions and order confirmation.

Middle-sale service: The order supervisor will follow the the order production, shipment.

After-sale service: The engineer will be resposible for the installation, training and troubleshooting.

پرله پسې پوښتنې

1. What kind material the fiber laser can cut?

The fiber laser can cut most of metal materils like the carbon steel, black steel, mid-steel, stainless steel, alloly steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel.

2. How much the max thickness of 500W fiber laser can cut?

To cut the carbon steel, its max cutting thickness is up to 5mm. More information please see our cutting parameters list.

3. May i use bigger fiber laser power or bigger working size machine?

Yes, of course, we supply different working size for customer's choose, like 3000mm*1500mm, 4000mm*2000mm or 6000mm*2000mm. And also the machine can match with different fiber laser power source like 500W, 800W, 1000W, 1500W flexibly.

4. How about the guarantee time for this iron د لیزر پرې کولو ماشین?

The guarantee time for this machine is two years.

5. How about the installation, training and after service?

We will supply the user manual and CD video for installation and training, besides, we also arrange our engineer to the customer's spot for guiding if the customer request.

During the usge course, if customer have any question or difficutlt, our after service team will supply 24 hours service online through the e-mail, telephone, skype, what's app until your problem is solved.

ژر توضیحات

کاریال: د لیزر پرې کول
حالت: نوی
د لیزر ډول: فایبر لیزر
د پلي کیدو وړ توکي: فلزي
Cutting Thickness: 0-5mm
د قطع کولو ساحه: 1500 * 3000 ملی میتره
Cutting Speed: 600mm/s
CNC یا نه: هو
د یخولو حالت: د اوبو سوړونکی
د کنټرول سافټویر: سیپکټ
Graphic Format Supported: DXF, DXP
تصدیق: CCC ، CE ، GS ، ISO ، SGS ، UL
د پلور وروسته خدمت چمتو شوی: انجینران په بهر کې د خدماتو ماشین ته شتون لري
Laser power: 500W
د محصول نوم: د فایبر لیزر فلزي قطع کولو ماشین
دنده: د فلزي موادو قطع کول
Type: Fiber Lasr Cutting
Working area: 3000mmX1500mm
Motor: Japan Pansonic Servo Motor
Motion: Rack and Pinion
Track: HIWIN