500W فلزي پایپ فایبر لیزر پرې کولو ماشین

فابریکه جوړه شوې 300w 500w 600w 1000w

د محصول غوښتنه

Accurl د فایبر لیزر پرې کولو ماشین is equipped with fiber laser which is energy-efficient, environment-friendly as well as highly efficient.
Recently, fiber laser medium is the most popular and stable laser source internationally. The laser beam of high energy density is focused on the surface of the material. Then the area melts, burns, vaporizes away, and the slag is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving a smooth seam with a high-quality surface finish made by a relative motion between laser light beam and preset routine for the material. That is to say, the automatic laser cutting can be realized when moving the light spot position by the mechanical systems controlled by CNC. KJG fiber laser cutting machine is high-tech equipment integrated with laser technology, CNC technology and mechanical technology.

Accurl 500W Fiber Laser
لیزر ځواک
لیزر نښه
Made in USA
د پری کولو ساحه
ملی میتر
Accurl 800W Fiber Laser
لیزر ځواک
لیزر نښه
Made in USA
د پری کولو ساحه
ملی میتر

Accurl 1000W Fiber Laser

لیزر ځواک
لیزر نښه
Made in USA
د پری کولو ساحه
ملی میتر

اصلي ب Featuresې

1) The Accurl د لیزر پرې کولو ماشین with the highest precision in China, it can cut small metal bike design with size of half a coin and perfectly cut 6mm mild steel,120 holes can be cut within one minute.

2) 600℃ heat treatment, 24 hours cooling in the oven, 8 meters gantry milling, accurate CO2 protection welding, to make sure 20 years usage without deformation.

3) Using laser electrical cabinet integration design, cover small area , save space, minimalist design.

4) Scrap car symmetrical design, both sides can clean up the waste; Put machine to the romm has no left and right requirements; Pneumatic lifter device to prevent the material from scratching.

5) Specially used for cutting 0.5-6mm carbon steel, 0.5-5mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet, silicon steel and other kinds of thin metal sheets.1000W can cut 3mm aluminum and 2mm copper.

ماډل نمبر




د لیزر ډول
IPG / Coherent / Raycus
لیزر ځواک




د پری کولو ساحه
Working Table Structure

Fixed working table

Pallet Changer

د کنټرول سیسټم

د PMAC بشپړ تړل شوی لوپ سرو کنټرول

د موقعیت دقت


د چلولو حالت

                                                       د ګیر دوه ګونی چلول

Idle/Processing Speed
72m/min / 36m/min
                      100m/min / 30m/min
د لیزر سر
                                            Precitec / Golden Laser / Laser Mech
سوړونکی سیسټم
                                          Dual temperature dual control water chiller
د خوندیتوب سیسټم
            Open Type
                                  د محافظت محافظت
Format Supported
                                                 PLT ، DXF ، BMP ، AI ، DST ، DWG ، او داسې نور.
برښنا ترتیبونکی
                                                                  380V / 220V
ټول ځواک
          7KW / 11KW
                              17KW / 8~22KW
د پوړ ځای
     5.6m x 3.2m
                                        9m X 4m

زموږ خدمت

د پلور دمخه خدمت

* Technical solution.

* Online video authentication machine work.

* Cutting samples provided by DHL.

د پلور وروسته خدمت

* Supplier will provide detail manual for software, hardware and trouble shooting, also supplier should give necessary guidance online if Buyer need. If it’s necessary, Buyer should send regular his technical staff to Supplier for technical training.

ژر توضیحات

غوښتنلیک: د لیزر پرې کول
حالت: نوی
د لیزر ډول: فایبر لیزر
د تطبیق وړ توکي: اکریلیک ، کریسټال ، شیشه ، چرم ، MDF ، فلزات ، کاغذ ، پلاستیک ، Plexiglax ، پلائیوډ ، ربړ ، ډبرې ، لرګي
Cutting Thickness:6mm
د قطع کولو ساحه: 1500 * 3000 ملی میتره
Cutting Speed:72m/min
CNC یا نه: هو
د یخولو حالت: د اوبو سوړونکی
د کنټرول سافټویر: د سیپکوټ کنټرولر
د ګرافیک شکل ملاتړ شوی: AI ، DST ، DWG ، DXF ، DXP ، LAS
د اصلي ځای: آناهی ، چین (مینلینډ)
د برانډ نوم: ACCURL
Model Number: KJG-150300DT with 800W
تصدیق: سی ای ، ISO ، SGS ، UL
د پلور وروسته خدمت چمتو شوی: انجینران په بهر کې د خدماتو ماشین ته شتون لري
Laser type: IPG fiber laser generator from USA
Laser wavelength: 1070nm
Laser power output rating: 800W
X-axis travel: 1500mm
Y-axis travel: 3000mm
Working table:Open design, fixed table
د موټر چلولو حالت: دوه ګونی ریک او د پیانو چلولو سیسټم
Format supported:PLT, DXF, AI etc
Position accuracy: 0.05mm
Total Power consumption: 10KW

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