1300x2500mm cnc پلازما فلزي کټر د کم لګښت کارول شوي cnc پلازما کټ ماشینونو سره

د cnc پلازما د ریبلو ماشین کارول شوی


1. Small cutting gap, no residua.
2. High cutting speed, high accuracy and low cost
3. Advanced CNC control system, Auto Arc, arcing success rate over 99%
4. Support G code files of Ucancam, ARTCAM, Typ3 software. also support DXF files of AUTOCAD by transfer software. Control system supports U disk file transfer, easy operation.
5. Adopt well known plasma power supply and domestic cutting torch.

د تطبیق وړ توکي:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheets, titanium plates and other non-ferrous metal, etc.

Applicable industries:

Advertising signs and crafts, machinery, automobile, locomotive, electrical accessories, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel etc.

ژر توضیحات

حالت: نوی
Voltage: 380V
Rated Power: 100A
Dimension(L*W*H): Machine Model
Weight: 1500kg
Certification: CE ISO9001 FDA
Warranty: one year
د پلور وروسته خدمت چمتو شوی: انجینران په بهر کې د خدماتو ماشین ته شتون لري
Working Area(X,Y): 1300x2500mm
X Y Guide Rail: imported square guide rail
X,Y,Z axis Driving system: Stepper motor
Control System: English Start controller
Cutting thickness: 7mm steel
Plasma Generator: 60A LGK plasma generator
د کټولو سرعت: 0-8000mm / دقیقې
Software: Fastcam
Air compressor: 3kw

تخنیکي پیرامیټرې:

1Working Area(X,Y)1300×2500mm1500×3000mm
2Machine StructureCast iron
3X Y Guide Railhigh precision linear guide
4X Y TransmissionImported rack gears


5X\Y\Z Axis Driverسټپر موټر
6د کنټرول سیسټمDSP control system(optional NC-studio)
7Working DictateG. Code
8ضخامت قطع کول7mm steel
9د تطبیق وړ توکيSteel, Stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheets, titanium plates and other non-ferrous metal, etc
10Plasma Generator60A China LGK power generator (optional 100A, 160A power generator)


11Cutting Precision≤1.0mm
12د کټولو سرعت0-8000mm / دقیقې
13ناخالص ځواک≤9KW
14Document Transmission Formد USB برسیر
15Working FormUntouched Arc Striking
16د کار ولتاژ3 Phase, 380V, 50hz
18Packing Size354x215x150cm371x228x150cm
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